This is my personal blog and also a web place where I share info about my projects, some interviews with inspiring people around me, etc., everything about me that you can not see in my linkedin.

* Now– Pop up gallery –- Art from Spain: great artists with a child-friendly art selection.

Feel free to contact me about anything you believe we can work on together: meglenamisheva@gmail.com





Това е моят личен блог и мястото, в което споделям проекти, по които работя, разговори с вдъхновяващи личности, които срещам по пътя и т.н. Останалото можете да разберете от linkedin профила ми.

В момента – Пътуваща галерия с изкуство от Испания

На разположение съм за всякакви предложения за съвместни творчески идеи на: meglenamisheva@gmail.com




photo: Montoya 
"Former cultural activity and events manager at Cervantes Institute in Sofia, 
Meglena started creating her own projects when she had her first child four years ago. 
Currently living in Barcelona she is now launching a Pop up gallery with Spanish art for kids 
that will arrive this summer in Sofia."

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