Cava & Modernism in Barcelona: Casa de les Punxes

I’ve recently been invited to the new Exclusive Tour in Casa de les Punxes.   Since the place is getting pretty instagrammable, I decided to accept the invitation and share here some tips on how to get the most out of this tour when you next visit Barcelona.


  • Get an audio guide! It’s already included in the price and it will help you get valuable information about the house, the family it was built for and to understand better the Catalan Modernism.
  • Follow the tour the way it was prepared by the hosts. If not, you can miss some interesting points and feel the tour quite incomplete, exactly what happened to me the first time I was there.
  • Once in the top, do not rush to drink the wine and take your pictures, enter each one of the iconic towers of the house. There are a few hidden challenges for all your senses. At the end it’s a fifth-senses-tour and the clue about this is the “Punxes”.
  • Classical music lovers, you will fall in love with this house.  

Casa de los Punxes is one of the places where you can feel Barcelona in a unique and vibrant way plus it’s a clue to understand Catalan Modernism. And there is one more and very important thing – the tour is quite suitable for children and here are some details that will make the visit interesting for them as well.


  • Let them walk the sensory path on the first floor.
  • Don’t miss the story of Sant Jordi.
  • Get into the towers and don’t miss their second floors. Finally, enjoy the view from the terrace and the terrace itself. It is quite photogenic, no doubt. 

More about Casa de les Punxes:

In 1905, Bartomeu Terradas Brutau commissioned Josep Puig i Cadafalch to design a house for each of his three sisters, Angela, Josefa and Rosa. The result was a building reminiscent of old medieval castles, with elements of different architectural trends and various technical innovations, with six pointed towers (crowned by conical spikes), one of its distinctive features which gave the popular name of Casa de les Punxes.

This spectacular building is one of the most emblematic of Barcelona, as well as being key to understanding the movement of Catalan Modernism. Declared a historical monument of National Interest in 1976, Casa de les Punxes is one of the most emblematic buildings in Barcelona. It is now privately owned, with space for different offices.

La Casa de les Punxes, also known as Casa Terradas, underwent rehabilitation work in 2016 inside one of the buildings. These renovations were executed under the guidance of architect Jaume Falguera.

It has always been a tourist attraction thanks to its façade and its location among other tourist spots of the city such as La Pedrera or La Sagrada Familia.

Book the Exclusive tour here.

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