Zdravko and Angel in Central America

Zdravko and Angel can, with just a few words, make you feel, taste and sense the real Central America, a place where people don’t hurry, they smile, they help you(if you speak to them in Spanish) and they still communicate with each other, personally and from the heart.

They shared their impressions of each day of their one-month trip around Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize and El Salvador (here and here), and now they add even more colour by answering my questions.

Zdravko,Angel: your story was a journey for me Continue Reading


The writer Bernardo Atxaga

Although it’s an axiom of the writer Bernardo Atxaga that ‘To answer one question you need at least 5 hours; if you don’t have so much time available, it’s better not to answer at all’, in the 10 minutes of free time which was all we had at our disposal, he seemed to manage to unfurl his books in response to my five short questions. Conversing with and meeting Bernardo Atxaga (or Joseba Irazu Garmendia) in real life is an unforgettable experience, as is reading his books. Continue Reading